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School of Academic and Behavioural Interventions (ABI), offers a consultancy and management service to support parents and educational providers when working with children on the autistic spectrum and related developmental conditions. 

Autism is a lifelong diagnosis. Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) is one of many therapeutic interventions used to support the learning and development of children with autism. After several observations and discussions held with school professionals, it is clear that educational providers are concerned about the progress of their pupils with behavioural and educational difficulties.

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This involves advice and guidance on specific learning needs. Discussing programmes and strategies that work to meet your child’s targets as well as strategies to improve behaviour and life skills.


We offer a variety of assessments; including careful screening and observations on communication, academia and social interaction skills. Our consultants will evaluate the milestones of your child’s...

Training Programmes

Our interactive training sessions are designed for individuals and teams looking to achieve sustainable results. We cover current issues, hands on training, best practices, tips and tools and so much more…


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Note! What We Do?

  • Create personalised academic and behavioural programmes
  • Encourage and support parental involvement
  • Promote child development in communication, self-confidence and independence
  • Provide clear guidance on teaching materials, individual educational plans and learning programmes
  • Provide a calm and purposeful learning environment