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Help your child play.
Help your child play.

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Our services are tailored to improving and enhancing your child’s developmental milestone needs. We achieve this by making our programmes engaging, stimulating and enjoyable with outstanding measurable outcomes for your child. We offer three distinct programmes specifically tailored to help parents, practitioners and schools, looking to gain confidence and feel energised in meeting your child’s individual needs. By the end of our programmes your child is instilled with confidence and left believing in the amazing humans they truly are.


Most Nurseries/Schools are typically fast-paced and may not be able to accommodate a child’s individual needs. Luckily for you, our academic and life skills programmes are the perfect solution for bridging the gap between learning at home and school.

This programme is perfect for you if you want to…..
Ensure your child is school ready and better engaged to meet the demands in a classroom.
Get your child participating and completing tasks independently.
Discover the tools you need to boost your child’s motivation for learning.
Learn how to address your child's individual needs and functional skills.
Encourage early childhood education through enriching home activities and hands-on experiences.


Your child should feel confident and have a sense of belonging in their learning environment. Our social and behavioural programme is designed to reduce social isolation and unwanted behaviours. This can help your child better understand their feelings and the feelings of others.

This programme is perfect for you if you want to…..
Develop your child’s ability to build meaningful relationships with siblings and peers.
Feel competent enough to manage problematic areas that lead to meltdowns.
Learn more about positive behaviour strategies.
Support your child’s emotions and ability to self-regulate.
Find out how to get your child confident and adaptable to manage in new environments.


Do you have concerns about your child’s language development and want them to speak more or have an easier time communicating with you? our early communication and engagement programme focuses on communication strategies to strengthen early language skills.

This programme is perfect for you if you want to…..
Help your child meet their communication milestones.
Know your child’s wants and needs.
Expand your child’s vocabulary, sounds, and understanding.
Learn to use daily routines to build language and positive response to instructions.
Lay a strong language foundation for meaningful interactions with your child.

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