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Help your child play.
Help your child play.
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Tawa Balfourth

Founder of School of Academic Behavioural Interventions
School of ABI was started in 2012 by Tawa Balfourth. 

Tawa graduated with a BSc in Psychology and completed a postgraduate degree in Clinical Neuroscience at the Institute of Psychiatry, London. She prides herself on using evidence-based practices and effective assessment tools.

With over 15 years of experience working as a behavioural therapist on home programmes and in schools throughout the UK, Tawa has extensive knowledge of autism and various developmental conditions.

 Having a natural gift with children, Tawa had always been inspired to set up her own practice. Her vision is to restore hope to families who require additional support with early development.


In four simple steps, you can start your  personalised programme plan to support all areas of your child’s developmental needs today.
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Book A Consultation

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals will provide advice and guidance on specific learning needs. 
This service helps identify problem areas and discuss strategies that help your child reach their goals.
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Arrange An Assessment

During the assessment process, a range of developmental milestones is evaluated, including learning, play, communication, and social skills. 
Knowing about your child’s developmental stages is important when implementing an appropriate programme plan.
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Get Trained

In training sessions, you will learn to manage the ranging characteristics associated with developmental delays in line with your child’s targets. 
Sessions include hands-on training using evidence-based practices.
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Programme Implementation

At this stage, we can offer a personalised programme plan to support all areas of your child’s needs in the best way possible. 
We work in partnership with external agencies where necessary to ensure optimal and lasting improvements.
For more information and to discuss further the support we offer, contact our team today
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    ... gives her full attention to his needs...

    “We were struggling with providing adequate support for our son. And using School of ABI has been a game changer. Our son is nonverbal, but Tawa has made such a huge difference in his life that he’s started to use words and he navigates throughout his day very comfortably. He’s super intelligent and he’s using the tools provided by Tawa to his advantage. We choose School of ABI through a recommendation, and we stayed with her cause of the massive difference we saw in our child’s growth and development. She’s incredibly patient and understanding and gives her full attention to his needs. And of course, it made a huge difference in our lives and in our son's life”.
    Sana K.
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    ...overseeing that all outcomes were in-line with his development...

    “Having an educational specialist onboard has really supported the needs of my son as well as opened my awareness to the different types of educational interventions that were possible, but not spoken about. They especially helped with his EHCP overseeing that all outcomes were in-line with his development and encouraged better support in those areas. I was particularly pleased with the level of knowledge & understanding which gave me pointers as to where I could do more with my son. As well as the increase in confidence I gained to be able to liaise with teachers as opposed to them just telling me what they think is best. Having independent support really bolstered my son’s level of care at school. 
    I would highly recommend their service to all parents who have EHCP”.
    Loreal W.
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    ...Tawa brings her attention to detail...

    “Tawa brings her attention to detail to every project. Her consultancy skills and people skills are excellent. Very organised individual with a great dose of creativity”.
    Marzena K.
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    ...Thank so much for everything...

    “You are doing a great job so just keep up the good work, keep helping children, families and keep inspiring people!!! Thank so much for everything you did and are doing for me.” 😊
    Delia G.
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