Our dedicated team of highly experienced professionals offer advice and guidance on specific learning needs. This service helps to identify problem areas and discuss strategies that will work to meet your child’s targets as well as improve behaviour and life skills. We hope that by creating a clear pathway, parents are able to build confidence for all involved in theirs child’s developmental journey


We offer a variety of assessments; including careful screening and observations on communication, academia and social interaction skills. Our consultants will evaluate the milestones of your child’s development in areas such as learning, play, communication, self-help and transitioning. It is important to get an indication of your child’s stage of development in order to implement a programme at an appropriate level.

Training Sessions

Our interactive training sessions are designed for individuals and teams to ensure they are equipped to meet the ranging- characteristics of the clients and to achieve sustainable results. The sessions are led by experienced professionals who cover current issues, hands on training, best practices, alongside tips and tools with real case examples.

Therapeutic Input

Once a detailed assessment has been completed and a referral is made for therapeutic support, we are able to offer a personalised programme to support all areas of your child’s need in the best way possible. We will work in partnership with external agencies where necessary to ensure optimal and lasting improvements. Continuous advice and updates will be given during the course of therapy.

Please note:

We are a private practice and offer our services throughout the UK, Europe, Africa and the Middle-East. We are totally independent of any organisation and have no formal associations with other agencies or consultancies on ABA therapy.

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Note! What We Do?

  • Create personalised academic and behavioural programmes
  • Encourage and support parental involvement
  • Promote child development in communication, self-confidence and independence
  • Provide clear guidance on teaching materials, individual educational plans and learning programmes
  • Provide a calm and purposeful learning environment